Robert Gundlach

The atypical SLUUG member is quite extraordinary.

Robert Gundlach is a relatively new user of the Linux operating system.

I’ve always had an interest in how things worked, but struggled with certain aspects. I was always able to fix almost anything and I turned that into a successful career in the commercial HVAC/R industry. While in that industry I learned to build computers in the mid 80’s. With that skill I ended up working with building automation systems. I set up all of the hardware, but struggled with the programming end. I worked with another person in my shop to assist me with the programming. The proprietary software that we used ran on OS2 and Windows NT. I’ve recently retired from that industry and finally have the time to learn Linux.

I just joined this Linux and Unix users group in the hopes it will help with learning how Linux works. Really enjoying the people and the knowledge I’ve gained from joining this group (even though some of it is really over my head). I enjoy working with media of all kinds and was able to learn how to set up my own home theater pc. I first set it up with the Windows operating system, but am now running it on several Linux distros.

I have two hard working sons and a beautiful wife. My oldest son has two kids and we really love having them over. Trying to get my grandson interested in the Raspberry Pi. Also love working in my garden and walking my old dog. Going to try and use technology in my garden.

Bio as of 6 May 2017.