[ANNOUNCE] Next Wed SLUUG- Granneman's History of Tech, Carl Fitch's tutorial on SFTP

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Fri Aug 3 16:02:44 CDT 2007

This coming Wednesday 8 Aug.

The monthly general meeting of SLUUG (@ Graybar Electric near WestPort)

We will have a basic tutorial session topic on SFTP - 
secure file transfer program by Carl Fitch.
Carl is a frequent tutorialist who is both entertaining and very instructive.

And our main topic will be done by another entertaining speaker
who everyone enjoyed last year...

A History of Computing Technology: 1968-2007: Unix, Apple, Microsoft,
Processors, Hardware, Software, Networking, Games, Culture

             by Scott Granneman


A lot has changed since 1968, nowhere more so than when it comes to
technology.  In this fun multimedia march through the last four decades,
we'll relive the GREAT events, companies, and personalities that shaped
the technology world we live in today.  We'll also stop along the way for
a look at some of the smaller, lesser-known incidents that are no less
important.  Even if you were there for all it, you're going to learn
something new and fascinating.


Scott Granneman is an author, educator, and entrepreneur in St. Louis,
Missouri.  Scott has written four books - Don't Click on the Blue E!:
Switching to Firefox, Hacking Knoppix, Linux Phrasebook, and Podcasting
with Audacity - and contributed to two: Ubuntu Hacks and Microsoft Vista
for the IT Security Professional.   In addition, he is a monthly columnist
for SecurityFocus, and for Linux Magazine. 

He is an Adjunct Professor at Washington University 
in St. Louis, teaching courses on technology,
security, and the Internet.  As a Principal of WebSanity, he plans,
develops, and hosts websites for clients in nine states using a
Unix-based content management system.  He has given presentations all
over the United States, and loves speaking to people.

Tell your friends...or better yet...bring your friends!

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