[ANNOUNCE] October 10 SLUUG meeting - Distributed Source Control

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Tue Oct 9 11:41:15 CDT 2007

This Wednesday, October 10 (tomorrow), we will have our SLUUG general 
meeting at Graybar, starting at 6:30 PM. Directions are available at 

The feature presentation will be an Introduction to Distributed Source 
Control, by Kyle Cordes.

Kyle will introduce us to several of the new distributed source control 
tools, including Git, Bazaar (bzr), and Mercurial (hg). Git was 
developed by Linus Torvalds to help Linux kernel development, while 
Bazaar is used by the Ubuntu developers. We'll discuss the advantages 
(and disadvantages) of distributed source control over centralized 
systems such as Subversion (svn) or CVS. Then we'll cover some of the 
differences between these tools (and a few others), with thoughts on how 
to choose between them.

Kyle has blogged on the topic a few times:

Kyle Cordes is a developer and consultant with expertise and experience 
in many technologies, including Java, Delphi, .NET, XML, assembly 
language, database systems, PHP, J2EE, and more. His firm, Oasis 
Digital, provides software development, training, and to clients around 
the country. He publishes articles on his web site and speaks at user 
groups and other events. Visit http://kylecordes.com for more information.

Kyle’s presentation will begin at about 7:30. At 6:30, we’ve got a more 
introductory topic: SmartMon Tools (Monitoring Hard Drive Health) by 
Carl Fitch. Between the 2 presentations, we’ll have announcements, some 
Q&A, and some time to get up and socialize.

We hope to see you there.

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