[ANNOUNCE] TONITE- Rsync Sys Files w. Root Perms. New Mailman list-servr.

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Wed Sep 12 14:20:42 CDT 2007

	TONITE @ Graybar....                    Sluug's monthly general meeting.

6:30 pm -The new Mailman listserver that replaced our old Majordomo.

7:00 general Q&A

7:30 pm -
Rsyncing System Files with Root Permissions by Carl Fitch

There is no completely safe way of performing backups over the network.   Now that was said, we can go on with life. 

The problem with backing up over the wire is that, not only does it require the power of root on the machine to be backed up, it also requires the same power on the backup server.   As a result both machines are exposed to attack, including all the secrets that the backup server holds.   Scary isn't it. 

The solution presented in this presentation isn't the only answer.   To that end the first part of the presentation will present one solution using ssh and rsnapshot.   The second part will be a question and answer session where the attendees can offer their own solutions or suggestions.   For a list of solutions with good/bad comparisons see OTHER_SOLUTIONS.txt by JT Morée. 

This started as a thread in the DISCUSS list from July 27 thru 31.   Some interesting points were made.  You can check that thread in the DISCUSS ARCHIEVE
on www.sluug.org.

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