[ANNOUNCE] Problem with SLUUG Google Calendar

SLUUG Announcement List announce at sluug.org
Sat Dec 4 23:39:34 CST 2010

The St. Louis Unix Users Group (SLUUG) provides a Google Calendar
of St. Louis Computer and Technical events in the Greater St. Louis
area and surrounding regions. Not all events are official SLUUG events.

> The SLUUG Google Calendar of St. Louis Computer Events
> http://www.sluug.org/resources/calendar/

This calendar is human maintained and the data is NOT always verified.
You should visit individual sites to confirm ALL data!

Please Note: The Calendar Month View may not be displaying information
in day cells correctly due to technical problems with Google Calendars.
Please click on the actual event for correct dates or view using Agenda
View mode.

WARNING: Do not use or rely on the Calendar Month View. There is a bug
in Google Calendar and the Month View produces erroneous data. Week View
and Agenda View may be OK.  This is a known Google bug which is affecting
100's of 1000's of users who use this tool on their websites. Google has
been trying to fix the problem since 29 November.

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