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Wed Jul 21 16:59:42 CDT 2010

I know, the weeks 1/2 over but...
Sorry about not getting it out sooner this week, and I'll just hit the 

                   (Gary's pick's =Wed's Perl Monger's Lightning Talks
                                   Thurs' St. Charles LUG's   HP's CTO
                                   Thurs' StL Mobile Dev's ANDROID 
                                                       MOVED to next wk
                                   Sat's  SLUUG Float Trip



Noon     SuSE Linux sig /Novell UG SNUG     (No mtng. Summer hiatus.)


6:30 PM   Perl Mongers
                           Lightning Talks

				This promises to be a great mtng!!!
				Its a number of short (5 min?) talks
				on varying topics by different speakers.
				You are sure to hear something 
Where:   Announce Media
6665 Delmar Boulevard
Saint Louis, MO 63130-4544

The Jimmy Johns provided for this meeting is sponsored by Cofactor 



WCORCC - Technical SIG  & Multimedia SIG

Where:  Daniel Boone Branch Lib
Technical Forum SIG - 10:00 AM 
Multimedia SIG - 1:00 PM



St. L. Mobile Dev's ANDROID mtng moved to NEXT  wk!!



St. Charles Linux LUG               (This should be FUN!!)

Hewlett Packard's Open Source & Linux CTO, Bdale Garbee!

OpSource Sftwr for Model Rockets!

 6:30pm - 9:30pm
200 Ft Zumwalt Square, O'Fallon, MO 63366 
JJ's Restaurant, off of Hwy I-70, Exit 217, Hwy K South, take right at 
first light signal.

Bdale Garbee is HP's Open source & Linux Chief Technologist, 
as well as a model rocket and amateur radio enthusiast. 

Also, he's been a big contributor to Debian for some time as a 
maintainer and developer.

Bdale's website

Bdale will give a talk on using open source software to control
the model rockets that he launches.

Here are some useful links:

Central States VHF Society

Bdale and friends' model rocketry site

Bdale having Linus Torvalds as a barber!



9:30am . 11:30am

Weber Road Computer Club
4444 Weber Road, St. Louis, MO 63123 
Weber Road Branch Library



SLSRC - St. Louis & Suburban Radio Club
3015 N Ballas Rd, St. Louis, MO 
Nursing Institute building, Missouri Baptist Hospital Complex 



~9am  ~ 6pm

Possible SLUUG Float Trip

Upper Merremac?   Huzzah?   Steelville??
Watch DISCUSS list for more details &/or e-mail Gary Meyer.
(Possible move to Sunday if weather...)

"War driving to find WiFi hotspots on the river!   
testing the waterproofing on your iPhone, HTC, Droid,..."

2pm - 4pm

GAMP - Gateway Area Mac Programers

Kaldi's Coffee
120 S Kirkwood Rd, St Louis, MO 63122 (map)

St. Louis CocoaHeads
Mac & iPhone Programming 



~9am ~6pm

Alternate/rain date 

SLUUG Float trip

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