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Tue Sep 7 16:44:14 CDT 2010

OK.  Only detailed for 2 days but...

Editor's picks =

Wed nite SLUUG monthly general mtng

		Bill Odom's VIm talk.    VimGeek workgroup organization.

		Jerry Stutte's UNIX ToolBox tutorial.

Fri - Sat   SCience Academy's 24 hours in Forest Park

Sat -Sun    Scott Air Show!!!    w.  Blue Angles.


			Tues.   7  Sept.

	Day after Labor Day 
	and therefore the truely real 1st day of the school year!!    

	Do your part to end child abuse!   Vote to fire school boards 
	& administrators who disrupt the inportant learning of summer!

...in history...


The Soviet spacecraft Soyuz TM-5 returns to Earth after its crew 
completes their nine day mission aboard the Mir space station. However, 
the return is riddled with computer errors almost causing fatalities!


Google is founded after exctly 2 years of development as BackRub.


Yahoo! turns over a user's personal information to the Communist 
government of the People.s Republic of China. The user, a reporter named 
Shi Tao, is sentenced to ten years in prison as a direct result of the 


 FLEX - STL Adobe Users Group, Flex and Fuse the Arch

	Their website NO LONGER shows tonite.  Perhaps cancelled due to 
	Flash Camp recently?   

  GGUG - Gateway Groovy Users Group
                                     CoLocation with Java @ 7pm.

   MOSLUG - MO Open Source Linux Users Group

   	An inforal seating at the coffee shop.  Bring your hardware or just 
	sit and chat.

        @Wired Coffee, 3860 South Lindbergh Blvd., 
	Sunset Hills, Missouri 63127 

    ASEMO - Astronomical Society of Eastern Missouri
            Beginners; nite.

            @Weldon Spring Interpretive Center in St. Charles.  Open format meeting taking questions from beginners, help with telescopes.Weldon Spring Interpretive Center.  Open format meeting taking questions from beginners, help with telescopes.

     STLGD - St. Louis Game Developers

		Apparently UNFORTTUNATELY moved to tommorrow.  

      GJUG - Gateway Java Users Group       -RabbitMQ

      		A brief overview of messaging in general and the reasons why and when you might need to use messaging within an application.  The details of RabbitMQ will then be covered along with the different protocols it supports.  Finally, a brief comparison of RabbitMQ to other popular messaging solutions will be given.     Speaker:  James Carr



                                  Wed.  8  Sept
...in history...


The NBC network premieres the sci-fi series Star Trek beginning with the 
episode .The Man Trap.. The series will only run for eighty episodes.


     SCORCC-G Geneology SIG
     JCMS - Joomla CMS

     *****   SLUUG St. Louis Unix Users' Group  ********       **##!!##**

	Tutorial = The UNIX Tool Box       by Jerry Stutte.
		    The "Unix Tool Box" is a collection of Unix/Linux/BSD         	      commands and tasks which are useful for IT work or for
	      advanced users.  This is a practical guide with concise
	      explanations, however the reader is supposed to know what
              s/he is doing.  With its menu structure, it provides an			      excellent resource for beginners and advanced users.

		Jerry Stutte has gone 73 days without a security
		incident.  He should run rkhunter and tiger.

   7:30    !!!***%%%###                                       !!!###%%%

		 Vim (NOT Fandango) Expanded!!!!    by Bill Odom.    

			Bill did a great presentation on VIM 2 weeks
			ago at Perl Mongers.   This will NOT be the same




                        Bill has more material to explore but you didn't 
			need to be there for the earlier talk.  Its fine
			to pick it up at this point.

			   This presentaion on the "Vi IMproved" text
			   editor is much more than a tutorial. It has
			   two major goals:

			   * Give people who'd never used vim before an
			   * idea of its power, and whet their appetites
			   * so they'd want to learn more.

			   * Show more experienced vim users one or more
			   * new features, techniques, or tricks that
			   * they could use immediately.
			   A tutorial wouldn't do much to convince the
			   first group that vim was worth their time,
			   and a tutorial would've just bored the
			   second.  With that said, there's a lot of
			   desire for solid tutorial content from people
			   that are already convinced that vim is
			   something they want to better understand.
			   With enough continued interest, we may expect many
			   short focused vim tutorials in tutorials in
			   the future...or maybe workshops.

			   Bill Odom builds left handed widgets, which
			   he discards because he is right handed.  Or is
			   it the other way around? 

                                  Thurs.  9  Sept.
	  WCORCC-WE - MS Word SIG Excel SIG
          SCORCC-F Financial SIG
          SIM - Society for Information Management
          STLJUG - St. Louis Java Users Group
                                    Fri.  10   Sept.

Likely to see Blue Angles practice runs over Scott AFB!

12:00noon Fri thru noon Saturday.

          Academy of Science St. Louis

	  	24 hours in Forest Park!   Hourly treks with scientists
		thru The Park to document 24 hours in the park!

          SCORCC-DTP Desktop Publishing


                                   Sat.  11   Sept.

Sat-Sun 11-12 Sept.     Scott Air Force Base AIR SHOW.

					This year w. The Navy's Blue Angles.


until Noon (or 2pm?)
     Academy of Science St. Louis
	      24 hours in Forest Park.  Hourly trips thru the park
	      with scientist to document a day in the park.  Continuing from
      T3 Techies Teaching Techies   week 2 of 2
         DBUG - Data Bytes Users Group
        ASEMO - Astronomical Society of Eastern Missouri


                              Sun.  12  Sept.

Sat-Sun 11-12 Sept.     Scott Air Force Base AIR SHOW.  (Day 2)

                                        This year w. The Navy's Blue Angles.


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