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Wed Feb 23 15:31:00 CST 2011

Editor is traveling and on a project so this posting is just showing the "Editor's Picks" for this week.

THE hilite is the St. Charles LUG Thurs nite..."Linux as a Home Router: Part 2 VPN".

For details and all other listings, see the calendar @ www.sluug.org/resources/calendar

Editor'spicks =


                                               Wednesday, February 23


6:30pm VIM Geeks

3720 Green Mount Crossing Drive Shiloh, IL 62269  

7:00pm TAP - Science on Tap    - Seismology in Antarctica: Listening to the Sounds of Climate Change 

 Maplewood, MO 63143    Schlafly Bottleworks 

   We will discuss efforts to instrument the Antarctic ice sheets with seismographs and GPS receivers, to better understand the physics of ice flow and the feedbacks between ice sheets and the solid earth. These projects involve traveling to the remotest, coldest parts of the globe and designing instrumentation capable of unattended operation at temperatures down to -100°F. The surprising results thus far include the discovery that huge ice streams 60 miles wide lurch forward twice a day, and that the land surface in parts of Antarctica is rising as the ice melts.


                                                  Thursday, February 24

1:30pm GIS (Geospatial Info Sys) User Grp 
	                                             -Homeland Security Infrastructure (HIFLD). 
						     -Missouri PSA (Protetive Security Advisor
						      1:30pm . 3:30pm 

	 This agenda has 2 homeland security themes:

	 1:30 - 2:30 Jeremiah Steele will discuss HIFLD to the Regions (HTTR).

	 Established in 2002, the Homeland Infrastructure Foundation-Level Data Working Group (HIFLD) is comprised of four official members (Dept. of Homeland Security, Dept. of Defense, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, and U.S. Geological Survey) and several thousand contributing partners who promote the collections, processing, and sharing of infrastructure geospatial information.


6:00pm stlMD - StL Mobile Dev   -  Android ASOP (Android Source)

6:30pm StC LUG - St. Charles Linux Users Grp 
                                                -Linux as a Home Router: Part 2 VPN

  Now that we have our linux box setup as our home router, lets see if we can't add some convenient VPN access.  This way we can remote in to our home network (unfiltered network) when needed and operate securely for those "need to get out of the house" moments.

  We'll primarily be looking at setting up OpenVPN SSL, however we might take a look at a few other quick solutions out there. 

                                                  Saturday, February 26

  2:00pm GAMP - Gateway Area Mac Programers
                                             StL CocoaHeads  - Mac & iPhone Programming

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