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Tue May 17 22:19:47 CDT 2011

I offer the sincere apologies of the editor.   This note should have 
gotten out MUCH earlier but the editor was working on other things.

At this last minute, let me first alert you to 2 PRESSING events 
WEDNESDAY MORNING!!!!   (That is likely NOW as you are reading this!!!)


9-noon  High Performance Computing

              SNUG  Novell  SuSE Linux sig lunch on:
              Going from Cloud to Cloud: Moving the Cloud to the Enterprise. 
              & Mono team pink slipped!

6:30-9pm   Perl Mongers  -Perl Testing

The details...
STLHPC - St. Louis High Performance Computing
Wed, May 18, 9am – 12pm
320 S. Euclid Avenue Saint Louis, MO 63110 (map)
VENUE:  Eric P. Newman Education Center
Washington University Medical Center

See  http://stlhpc.net/ for more information on stlhpc.net :: St. Louis 
High Performance Computing 

TOPIC: The Future of High Performance Computing

Join us at this free stlhpc.net event to learn how High Performance 
Computing (HPC) can be applied to your organization and your research. 
Come hear industry experts from HP and Intel who will present their 
insights on trends shaping the future of HPC. Discover how HPC is 
enabling researchers to comprehensively map the human brain’s circuitry 
in 1,200 healthy adults as part of the Human Connectome Project. Learn 
how HPC can be applied in other industries to lower costs, increase 
innovation, decrease time to market and increase discoveries.


    * Marc Hamilton – Vice President, High Performance Computing, HP
    * David Van Essen, Ph.D. – Edison Professor of Neurobiology; Chair, 
Department of Anatomy & Neurobiology, Washington University in St. Louis
    * Fred Prior, Ph.D. – Director of the Electronic Radiology 
Laboratory of the Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology; Research 
Associate Professor of Radiology, Washington University in Saint Louis
    * Greg Reiff – Strategic Technology Manager, Intel
    * Gary Stiehr – Founder, stlhpc.net; Information Systems Group 
Leader at The Genome Institute at Washington University in Saint Louis


SNUG - StL Novell Users Grp    &    SuSE Linux   Lunch
Wed, May 18, 11:30am – 12:45pm
9500 Manchester Rd, Rockhill, MO 63119 (map)
Going from Cloud to Cloud:  Moving the Cloud to the Enterprise.

See how the market for cloud computing is evolving, and what the 
near-term and long-term future may hold for enterprise IT.  Understand 
the differences between public and private clouds and the real benefits 
private cloud computing can provide.

http://snug.sluug.org/ for current information.

A lunch time meeting about SuSE Linux, every 3rd Wednesday at Bandana's  
(corner of Rock Hill and Manchester Rds)

And, just last week it was announced that the new owners, i.e. 
Attachmate, had laid off the entire MONO development staff!!! 
This week there was news that Miguel had formed a new company to 
continue the effort.   We'll talk...
(We just had a big mtng on MONO in Feb!)


6:30  Perl Mongers    

Bill Odom & Steven Lembark do a tag-team-talk on Perl Testing.

Announce Media

see  http://www.sluug.org/resources/calendar/

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