[ANNOUNCE] Discontinuing the SLUUG JOBS Mailing List

SLUUG Announcement List announce at sluug.org
Sat Nov 30 18:47:20 CST 2013

We are discontinuing the SLUUG JOBS mailing list.

Members of the SLUUG Steering Committee have agreed that as a
volunteer group we do not have the manpower to provide timely
support to adequately monitor a separate JOBS mailing list.

There are far better resources available to our members that
may be seeking employment opportunities in the St. Louis Metro
Area than SLUUG can directly provide.  Our membership should
consider some of our sponsors.

Visitors to our web site can still subscribe to our DISCUSS
mailing list where employment opportunities are occasionally
posted.  Please note that our discerning subscribers strongly
prefer that "JOB" be the first word in the subject heading
for any such postings.

Anyone can view the ongoing archives of our DISCUSS mailing
list using the USERID and PASSWORD shown on this page:

> http://www.sluug.org/mailman/listinfo/discuss

Those that had created and monitored the SLUUG JOBS mailing
list are thanked for their efforts.

Those members that seek new employment opportunities are
extended our wishes of good luck in their search.

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