[ANNOUNCE] Wednesday Jul 9 '14 - Crossover meeting - CLI on MacOS X

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Tue Jul 8 19:23:06 CDT 2014

Tomorrow (2nd Wednesday in July), St Louis Unix User Group (SLUUG) will
host a presentation by Greg Ray, organizer of the St Louis Apple
Professionals SIG.

Greg owns and operates a technology consulting company called Dot Gray, an
Apple Consultants Network affiliate, which specializes in aiding
Apple-focused environments (mostly small and medium business, some

The presentation will be based on the O'Reilly book "Mac OS X for Unix
Geeks". Topics include: quick history of Unix and open source in OS X,
where it's exposed in the UI, a few shortcuts when working with the GUI
(e.g. drag in paths), and a general survey of Mac-specific commands and
their utility.

Topics we probably won't be able to cover include
Unix-enhancement utilities for the Mac, in the vein of MacVim (Unix tools
with GUI), script wrappers like Platypus and Automator, and
Terminal alternatives such as Visor and iTerm, though they might come up in
discussion if time allows (Otherwise can be topics for future presentation).

The meeting will begin with a short tutorial presented by Scott Granneman
(topic to be announced soon).

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