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Sun Feb 8 19:37:37 CST 2015

This Wednesday, February 11, 2015, SLUUG (St. Louis UNIX Users Group)
is proud to announce our (intermittent) annual Lightning Talks.  Come
see various members talk about various topics.  Come and talk about a
topic of interest to you.  Want to practice talking in front of a group?
Want to try out a topic to see if it would make a good full-length talk?
It doesn't even have to be technical.  No slides required (but slides
or videos are welcome).

Examples of some excellent Lightning Talks we've seen at various groups
in the past few years:

* Let me code (sung to the tune of Frozen's "Let It Go")
* How to pose for a photograph
* The secret to success - high fives
* Why Galileo was a bad-ass
* Johnny Appleseed was actually a speculator

No need to sign up. Just show up at the meeting.  If you want to schedule
something, submit your title by mailto:editor at sluug.org

SCHEDULE (Sequence subject to change):
0. Official SLUUG Annual meeting (can we break our record?)
1. An Appropriate TED Talk {10 minutes}
2. 41 slides~ @14.6 sec each, instead of "What Is Linux" 90 minute presentation
3. 40 plus cartoons (mostly), instead of "Why Use Linux" 90 minute presentation
4. ...

Updates to this schedule will be made as frequently as possible.

Opinions, Rants, Slides, Talks or Videos should be limited to 10 minutes,
or less.  We have a "GONG" sound file, and we know how to use it!

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