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Steven (Steve) Lembark

The atypical SLUUG member is quite extraordinary.

Some are employed in the Information Technology field.
Some are not, but very interested.

Some are well educated.
Some are not, but extremely experienced.

Some SLUUG members have families.
Some have non-technical interests and even hobbies.

Steve Lembark has been playing with computers for thirty years as a SysAdmin, DBA, Programmer, and ETL analyst, Architect, and general beer drinker. He is a principle AT Workhorse Computing.

His experience with shell programming started with DCL, since then he has survived batch, sh, ksh, and bash -- hence the need for beer.

Steve Lembark installed his first RH distribution on a 486 using floppies cut by Eric Troan in his garage, back when people told Eric he was an idiot for trying to make money off of something that was "free" to begin with. They also told Eric that nobody would use open source in a corporate environment, companies wanted something backed by a "real company" like IBM.

Workhorse Computing +1 888 359 3508

Bio as of 2 July 2022.

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