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Tyler M. Rudie

The atypical SLUUG member is quite extraordinary.

Some are employed in the Information Technology field.
Some are not, but very interested.

Some are well educated.
Some are not, but extremely experienced.

Some SLUUG members have families.
Some have non-technical interests and even hobbies.

Tyler Rudie is the Senior IT Support Engineer for Siemens Industry
Software Accounts Department. Yes his code touched your user account when
you got hired at Siemens.

He currently spends his days abusing Python and Powershell so he
can take long naps at work. So far, no luck. Management and Coworkers
keep finding him things to do.

Overkill is his middle name, the code bends to his will, and he has
curated a particular set of skills over the last 5 years. If there is
bad data; he will find it, and he will fix it.

One of these days he will get back to his Photography and Astrophotography hobbies.

Bio as of 10 June 2021.

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