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  SLUUG User Accounts

The St. Louis Unix Users Group offers shell access accounts to its membership for personal, non-business use. There is no warranty or guaranteed level of availability, connectivity, quality, or security. This access is not meant to provide a commercial quality of service. Our intent is only to fund a volunteer Unix server project where our members can experiment with multiple Unix flavors, capabilities and applications.

For various reasons these user accounts are often refered to as shell accounts. Significantly each user account accesses the system thru a Command Line Interface (CLI) by way of a shell. We usually don't provide a Graphical User Interface (GUI). The bash shell is used by default; however, we have others available, such as the ksh, and others. On most systems you can set your own default shell.

The accounts provide, but are not limited to, the following capabilities:

Membership information.

System Usage

Documentation on system use is limited, and will never be complete. General system usage is currently on our Server Access and Use page. Information for configuring mail clients is on the Mail Setup page. Information on the 2008 transition from AIX systems to Debian systems is on the Transition page. And how to set up a personal web page.

Some old documentation is available that might help understand SLUUG's systems and policies for their use. This is not every detail, but is a starting point. It has not bee updated for the 2008 change from AIX to Debian.

For more information contact:

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