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Sean Twiehaus

The atypical SLUUG member is quite extraordinary.

Some are employed in the Information Technology field.
Some are not, but very interested.

Some are well educated.
Some are not, but extremely experienced.

Some SLUUG members have families.
Some have non-technical interests and even hobbies.

Sean Twiehaus started his career as a Field Service Technician. After being introduced to Linux in 2014, he got a little bit obsessed. By 2015 he was working as a System Administrator. During his time as an Administrator he focused primarily on automation using shell scripting and Ansible.

Nowadays Sean is working as a Software Developer but he still remembers his command line kung-fu. If you mention dotfiles, vimrc, or modern CLI tools, you can expect Sean to ask a million and one follow up questions about your config. You have been warned!

Likes to talk about:

  • Automation
  • (Neo)Vim
  • Lesser Known Programming Languages
  • Bio as of 14 June 2022.

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