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SLUUG needs your help!
Please consider participating in one of our support positions...

Please provide your contact information.
Phone: Home Work Pager Cellular
Please include Area Code & Extension...i.e., 314.444.4444 X 221
Best time to be reached:
Ideas, Comments and Suggestions
Submit an idea for a presentation:
Give us your suggestions and comments

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Next to an area you are interested in, Under "Yes, I want to help"...
Indicate what type of capacity you would like to participate.
Although each description is for the Manager position, you can volunteer to help the manager by indicating your availability as Co-primary, Some support, or a few hours available under capacity.
These positions are by committee appointment.
One (1) year commitments.
I want to help!
Presentation Manager
Solicit and schedule speakers for each meetings presentation.
Coordinate presentation information with Tutorial Mgr., Publicity and Editor.
Tutorial Manager
Solicit and schedule tutorial presenters for each meeting.
Coordinate tutorial information with Presentation Mgr., Publicity and Editor.
Retrieve and Publish information for e-newsletter. Coordinate with Publisher.
Create and distribute hard copy of newsletter from e-newsletter.
Publicity Coordinator
Post or contribute information to newsgroups and newspapers, distribute hard copies, etc.
Book Sales Manager
Sell O'Reilly books and maintain inventory. Coordinate with O'Reilly & Assoc. and Treasurer.
Membership DataBase Manager
Maintain database of Membership.
BBS Manager
Maintain BBS system.
Web Site Manager
Maintain and develop the web site.
Corporate Sponsorship Manager
Maintain and solicit sponsors, and develop our corporate sponsorship program.
SIG Committees
SIG Development
Coordinate details to produce the SIG meetings and projects.
Existing SIGs
Creation of SIGS
Participate in the planning, creation and launch of a new SIG.
Type of SIG:
Temporary Positions
Help out during our semi-annual Linux InstallFests
Community Liason
Interface with members of our community, schools, libraries, businesses and municipal government leaders.
Help coordinate and aquire locations for InstallFests, SIG meetings and other activities.

Let us know if you are interested in a position before submitting!

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