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  Board of Directors Stanford Baldwin
Lee Lammert
Dave Forrest
Stan Reichardt
Steve Stegmann
  President Gary Meyer
  Vice-President Stan Reichardt
  Secretary Don Ellis
  Treasurer Leland Lammert
  Special Interest Groups
        St. Louis Linux Users Group
        St. Charles Linux Users Group Vacant
        Hazelwood Linux Users Group Stan Reichardt
  Presentations Manager Vacant
  Librarian Vacant
  ANNOUNCE Editor Gary Meyer
Stan Reichardt
  Calendar Editors Craig Buchek
Don Ellis
Gary Meyer
Stan Reichardt
  Public Relations (PR) Gary Meyer
  Corporate Sponsorship Manager Gary Meyer
  System Questions Gary Meyer
  System Problems Gary Meyer
  Mailing Lists Stan Reichardt
Jeff Muse
  Web Development Stan Reichardt
Denise Dean
Craig Buchek
Jerry Stutte
Leland V. Lammert
  Database Development Jerry Stutte
Leland V. Lammert
  Official Correspondence SLUUG Mailing Address St. Louis Unix Users Group
PO Box 411302
St. Louis, MO 63141

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