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General Meeting Basics (starts at 6:30pm) Main Presentation
March 11, 2015
Bridging Wireless to Ethernet
A Community Workshop
How the Web Works (part 1)
by Craig Buchek
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The complete SLUUG Google Calendar of all St. Louis Metro Area Computer Events is available here and also Google+.
General Meeting on Wednesday - 11 February 2015
The St. Louis Unix Users Group (SLUUG) general meetings are usually on the second Wednesday of each month.

We start the general meeting with a basic session; which may include either simple tutorials, displays of newly discovered web sites, command line wonders, demonstrations of useful applications, amazing graphical packages, major resolution of long standing anomalies, blinking lights, or quantum shifts in both time and space. Then we will have our usual quick welcome, introduction, administrative announcements, and a Questions and Answers Period. After all that, we take a break before our main event.

The basics portion will be a Community Workshop on Bridging Wireless to Ethernet

The exercise will be to create a Network Manager profile that can be easily selected for workshop settings on OpenSuSE 13.2 and Gnome 3. Using a Raspberry Pi, ethernet cable, and an Envy laptop we will collaborate as a group to create a wired network in a workshop environment.

Our main event will be How the Web Works (part 1)
Everything You (Never) Ever Wanted to Know About the Web
Craig Buchek

In part 1, we'll cover the history of the World Wide Web and the "upper" layers:

  • Web Servers
  • App Servers
  • Web Browsers
  • URLs
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Web 2.0
NOTE: Part 2 will be presented at the STL LUG on 19 March.

++ Posted 6 March 2015


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